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iPad76 Machinery Vibration Guide for Iphone


Q - What happened to VibroNurse? (www.vibronurse.com)?

A - Vibronurse’s software and technology content was sold to the Mobius Institute (www.mobiusinstitute.com) for use in the I-learn vibration product line.

Q - Will rotor.zone produce Android applications in addition to I-Phone?

A - No, for mobile platform rotor.zone is 100% Apple. That said, the site will feature cloud applications which run over the web and could be used on any device

Q - What area’s does/will the site cover?

A - Rotating Equipment (Pumps and Compressors) and Machinery Vibration

Q - Can we get access to the VibroNurse balancing programs?

A - Not through this site as these are the property of Mobius Institute.